8 Best LSAT Prep Books (2022)

Best LSAT Study Books

So you’ve decided to go to law school? Your first task is nailing the LSAT. The higher your score on this standardized test, the better your prospects for law school. The format of the test is unlike any other standardized test you’ve taken, so getting the right study materials is essential. Trust us — this isn’t a test where you walk in blind.

Our list of the best LSAT Prep Books can get you started on the right road. They’ll outline problems, give you space to practice, and some even include online tests you can take to test your mettle. Let’s take a look.

The Best LSAT Prep Book – Our Official List

These books offer the best chance for you to adjust to the unique question format of the LSAT.

1. Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep, 28th Edition

A trusted resource and one of the most comprehensive options on the market today.

Publisher: Princeton Review

Year: 2019

Number of pages: 432

Grade: A

The Princeton Review is a big name in standardized test prep, and that reputation holds true for their LSAT review. It features in-depth explanations of the LSAT’s logic puzzles, providing but background information and related solving strategies to apply to similar problems.

There are full-length practice tests plus access to the online Premium Portal for video explanations solving puzzles and problems. The book also provides an overview of applying to law school, what to expect from the process, and a complete sample essay for your understanding.

It’s a classic text with a bit of a dry approach. However, for overall understanding, it’s an unbeatable resource for law school hopefuls.


  • Full-length practice tests
  • Premium Portal access with videos
  • A complete overview of test prep and law school applications


  • The dry text could be a turnoff for some students
  • Not a quick overview

2. Kaplan’s LSAT Unlocked 2018-2019: Proven Strategies For Every Question Type + Online

A comprehensive overview of all three sections of the LSAT as three separate books

Publisher: Kaplan Publishing, CSM Edition

Year: 2017

Number of pages: 972

Grade: A

Kaplan is another massive name in standardized test prep. Kaplan’s test prep bundle includes both paperback and online media content designed to introduce the basic concepts of the LSAT sections.

The book includes practice problems along with explanations broken down into steps and strategies for tackling each kind of question. Purchasing the book unlocks online practice tests you can use to gauge your ability for the full-length test.

It’s an excellent, comprehensive overview of the test, although you’ll need online access to take advantage of the full-length tests. However, the LSAT moved to digital format last year, so this could be excellent practice.


  • Addresses each section of the LSAT in one book
  • Offers full length, online practice tests
  • Strategies and methods clearly illustrated


  • Requires online access for full utilization
  • Could provide a little more information on the application process to be fully comprehensive

3. The LSAT Trainer

To the point, easy to follow training and strategies for self-driven students

Publisher: Artisanal Publishing

Year: 2017

Number of pages: 598

Grade: A-

The LSAT Trainer from Mike Kim prioritizes test strategies with straightforward explanations. It approaches complex problems in incremental steps, teaching you how to approach problem sets efficiently and how to “see” what the puzzle is really asking.

It’s excellent for visual learners with an organized layout that highlights critical concepts through visual cues. It covers all three sections and includes over 200 practice questions throughout each review.

It doesn’t give you any full-length practice tests, so you’ll need to purchase another resource or look for tests online to get a real idea of your ability. However, if you already have that covered, this is a great choice.


  • Visual layout facilitates learning
  • Teaches problem approaches
  • Includes practice questions


  • No Full-length tests
  • No resources for law school itself

4. Mometrix LSAT Prep Book 2022-2023

A blend of written guidance and videos for all types of learners

Publisher: Mometrix Media LLC

Year: 2022

Number of pages: 482

Grade: A-

Mometrix’s test prep manual features in-depth explanations for problem sets for each of the three LSAT sections. You receive clear explanations, step by step instructions, and practice problems.

Each section also contains links to online videos designed to break down problems and answer questions. Seeing these problems in action can help visual learners master difficulties with greater ease.

You’ll have multiple chances to absorb the material. Going over videos can be more interesting sometimes than going back over text, so this could be a book to guide you throughout your test prep plan.


  • Includes videos to accompany study sections
  • Breaks down complex concepts in multiple ways
  • Solve many practice problems throughout the text


  • No full-length tests
  • No law school or legal career info

5. The PowerScore Bible Trilogy

Great study series for LSAT prep students with long practice timelines

Publisher: PowerScore Publishing

Year: 2020

Number of pages: 2006

Grade: A-

The PowerScore Bible Trilogy is a set of books that individually address each section of the LSAT test. You receive step by step explanations as well as thorough training for how to approach each one of these sections.

The books are one of the most thorough options on the LSAT prep market. If you have at least six months of prep time, these are an excellent resource for understanding the content of the test as well as the test itself.

If you’re having trouble with one of the LSAT sections, you can also invest in the individual books for more support. This could facilitate traditionally tricky sections and ensure you have the best chance of a high score.


  • Book trio focuses on each section of the LSAT
  • Multiple practice problems to break down concepts
  • Purchase your problem section or all three for a full review


  • No full-length practice tests
  • Requires three books to practice the entire LSAT

6. Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer

A short, enjoyable introduction to taking the LSAT (and why you’d want to)

Publisher: Avocado Books

Year: 2013

Number of pages: 100

Grade: B+

Nathan Fox’s primer on the LSAT provides students a crash course on the test itself. If you’ve never looked at an LSAT question and need an overview, this is a good option. It’s also suitable for students with a short study timeline (less than three months) and who have access to online practice exams.

This book is a lot more personable than some of the books on our list. Fox uses humor and a casual writing style to introduce important LSAT concepts, plus some of his best advice on acing the exam. If you prefer a conversational learning style, this might be the perfect fit.

It’s not intended to be comprehensive. Instead, it’s a hard-hitting yet accessible introduction to the test as a concept with tips and tricks for making sure you understand what’s going on. Combine it with a more comprehensive practice book, and you could have an excellent collection.


  • Casual, accessible tone and style
  • Suitable for an introduction to the test
  • Excellent overview of the Analytical Reasoning section


  • Not intended to be a comprehensive overview
  • No full-length tests

7. The LSAT Tutor: LSAT Prep Books 2021-2022: Includes Official LSAT Practice Test

A jumbo, all-in-one solution with full-length practice tests

Publisher: Apex Test Prep

Year: January 10, 2021

Number of pages: 130

Grade: B+

The LSAT Tutor provides a classic approach to LSAT prep with an introduction to taking the test to start. Students receive not only breakdowns of the test but instructions on how to approach the test.

Each test-taking strategy offers both practice questions, and students also have access to full-length practice tests. The layout is simple, and explanations provide enough detail that students can break down complex concepts.

Some sections correspond to each of the test’s main sections. The book focuses on breaking down the jargon and uncovering simple strategies for thinking about questions and what teach section is asking for. It’s dry, but it works.


  • Includes all three LSAT sections plus an overview of approaching the test
  • Builds critical test skills with practice questions
  • Includes a full-length test


  • The text is dry
  • Samples are from much older tests

8. 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI: (PrepTests 72–81)

Test prep focused option for students deep into their studying trajectory

Publisher: Law School Admission Council

Year: 2017

Number of pages: 420

Grade: B

The Law School Admission Council’s test prep option features real, past tests from the LSAT. It makes a great study tool for those who have a good grasp of what’s going on in the test and need actual real exposure.

Taking full-length practice tests, timing included, gives you an accurate idea of what you can do. Once you’ve moved beyond the simple practice problems, it’s time to move on to the real thing. This gives you the chance to take tests that aren’t already available on the internet.

You’ll have to get a different test prep book if you need a breakdown of more complicated concepts. And considering the source, it would be nice to have some information about application processes. If you’re towards the end of your study process, this could be one way to give your score a final boost of support before the test itself.


  • Offers real, full-length practice tests
  • Created by one of the most revered law school groups
  • Includes writing samples


  • Only contains practice tests
  • No information about law school applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What score is considered good for the LSAT?

The scores range from 120 to 180, with 180 being a perfect score. Average scores hover around 150 for the majority of students, and for many colleges, a 150 is the baseline for admissions.

Why should I care about my score?

Managing to crack into a top-five law school hinges heavily on the LSAT score, possibly even more so than other standardized admissions tests. A 175 puts you ahead and in the top percentile of applicants, providing more opportunities for scholarships.

What is the best pre-law major?

A variety of students go on to law school, but the most common tend to be political science, psychology, and criminal justice. While the particular pre-law major doesn’t matter, a law degree is a graduate distinction that requires a bachelor’s degree first.

Is the LSAT the only determining factor?

You must have a good GPA from a bachelor’s institution and complete the law school application. Some of our recommended resources include writing samples for teaching purposes.

What sections are on the LSAT?

While there are five parts to the LSAT, there are three different sections. You take all five, but only four parts count towards your score. These parts include reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning.

Is there a math section on the LSAT?

The LSAT is a very different type of test from standardized tests you’re used to. This is not about what you know. This is about how you think. The test prep resources we’ve recommended follow this concept.

Preparing Well For The LSAT

You’ll need the right test prep materials to understand the purpose of the LSAT because it’s unlike any type of standardized test you’ve encountered. The LSAT doesn’t depend on things you’ve learned in your years of schooling the way that other tests might.

You’ll have to learn what the sections are looking for and how to approach each type of question. Our list of test prep books helps you relearn how to think critically and provide strategies for tackling the LSAT despite the unfamiliar format.

It’s time to take your studying to the next level with clear test materials and an understanding of the test itself. Learning to ace the test will only be a matter of time and proper guidance.

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