Michelle Tsou

Michelle hails from the Pacific Northwest. She was the typical slacker in high school. Opening textbooks put her to sleep, and she didn’t study for exams until a few hours before. She could still pass her high school exams without much studying, but that all changed when she started applying for college. The ACT and SAT made her realize she couldn’t skate by with her natural intelligence. If she wanted to attend the colleges of her dreams, she had to study. And study she didn’t want to do.

That is, until she realized that the best straight-A students actually save more time studying while getting excellent grades. It doesn’t involve hours of grinding and staying up late like she thought. Once Michelle figured out that studying a little bit every day got her the grades she wanted while saving her time, the world opened up for her. She spent more time with friends, volunteered in her community more, and even wrote short stories — all while acing the ACT and SAT. Michelle kept up that work ethic in undergrad and graduated with a BS in English from Portland State University. She’s passionate about teaching others how to be successful students, and she couldn’t think of a better place to do that than at ExamCave. She hopes to one day run her own test-prep organization.

When not writing or helping others at ExamCave, you can find Michelle hiking through forests, baking bread, or trying to figure out how to keep her succulents alive.

Hannah Young

Hannah is a contributor at ExamCave. She was a PSAT, ACT, and SAT exam tutor for high school students when she was an undergrad and taught people the art of how to succeed in tests. Hannah was also a writing and math tutor for elementary, middle school, and high school students in Ohio. She likes teaching others and watching their “ah-ha!” moment as they understand new concepts. She found ExamCave the perfect place to help others find the best exam materials so they themselves can succeed.

Hannah is now pursuing a degree in middle school English education at Ohio State University. People often ask her why she chose to teach middle schoolers, often citing their own bad experiences in middle school as a reason to stay away. While middle school can be a rough period for many people, Hannah wants to help her kids navigate this tumultuous time in their lives. She also finds that she gets along best with middle school students in her tutoring, and so she decided to make a career out of teaching them. She finds writing and researching the best AP books the best way to help her middle school students succeed later in life, and she can give them tips on how to succeed when they end up graduating from her classes.

In addition to contributing at ExamCave, Hannah likes photography, reading, mountain climbing, and taking on eccentric new craft hobbies like soap whittling and ice carving.

Matt Lane

Matt didn’t know he would become a doctor. Born in Georgia, he didn’t see many opportunities for advancement in his Southwest Atlanta neighborhood. He graduated high school and attended Georgia State College. He did it because he was supposed to, and he was the first person in his family to go to college. Wasn’t that enough?

It wasn’t enough for Matt. Mid-way through undergrad, he realized he had untapped potential, and that he could rise above not only what other people expected of him but what he expected from himself. He decided to become the best version of himself that he could be, and get a job in which he could help others — a doctor. Matt changed his major from kinesiology to pre-med and is now pursuing a medical degree in anesthesiology. He dedicated himself to his studies and becoming the best in his class. Despite all odds, he maintained straight As and one of the highest grades in his cohort.

Matt now helps others achieve their potential at ExamCave, especially when picking out some of the best MCAT prep books. He knows how difficult it can be to find the right materials to succeed, which is why he enjoys sharing his knowledge with other ambitious young people. While still dedicating himself to his studies, Matt also likes working out, volunteering, reading, playing video games, and chatting with friends and family.