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Best GED Prep Books - Reviews

If you missed your opportunity to secure a high school diploma, you could still study to earn a General Education Diploma (GED), the equivalent degree. Many employers throughout the United States require their employees to have a high school diploma or a GED for employment. Therefore, procuring your GED can open a world of opportunities for you.

If you don’t have your degree but would like to earn your GED, it’s time to start studying so that you’re well aware of what to expect. This exam tests whether the test taker has the academic aptitude of a high school senior. Four subjects will be on the GED: social studies, language arts, science, and mathematics.

That may seem like a lot, and honestly, it is; that’s why there are specially designed GED prep books that can help you optimize your studying time and retain the most information using tried and true tactics.

Ranking Methodology

With such an important exam, selecting GED books from reputable companies that provide quality study materials is critical.

The second criterion used to select the best GED books on the market is thorough coverage of the information presented on the exam. While not every book listed covers the details of the GED in its entirety, they all provide comprehensive and in-depth information on the topics.

Let’s get started!

Quick Picks: Our 3 Favorite GED Study Books

Best Overall
GED Test Prep Plus 2022-2023: Includes 2 Full Length Practice Tests, 1000+...
Best For Introductory Studying
McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED, Third Edition
Best For Targeted Studying
Master the GED Test
GED Test Prep Plus 2022-2023: Includes 2 Full Length Practice Tests, 1000+...
McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED, Third Edition
Master the GED Test
Best Overall
GED Test Prep Plus 2022-2023: Includes 2 Full Length Practice Tests, 1000+...
GED Test Prep Plus 2022-2023: Includes 2 Full Length Practice Tests, 1000+...
Best For Introductory Studying
McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED, Third Edition
McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED, Third Edition
Best For Targeted Studying
Master the GED Test
Master the GED Test

Top 5 GED Prep Books

Here are the best books to help you in a variety of ways for different learning styles and needs:

1. Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus 2022-2023

Best Overall: For people that want the most in-depth and comprehensive GED coverage

Kaplan is an official partner for GED prep resources. This package provides instruction in multiple ways, including video tutorials, online practice exams, and top-of-the-line test-taking strategies. Using updated formats, the Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus is user-friendly and goes away from the traditional methods of studying for a test by just taking notes from a book.

This product features guidance from A to Z, with every question containing a thorough explanation with the answer. The reviews are quick, but they provide the pertinent information to help you solve other questions you’ll encounter across the subjects.

There are also real-life scenarios and graphics to make the topics easier to understand. This guide gets straight to the point, catering to different learning styles with detailed overviews of each subject and specific practice questions that will improve your confidence and test-taking abilities.

The Kaplan GED Test Prep offers a unique combination of knowledge as the authors are field experts, tutors, and teachers. That aspect alone makes this one of the best books on the market, as these professionals have taken the time to help develop a reliable test guide for anyone wanting to uncover tips and test secrets that assist with critical thinking skills.

You get two practice tests (full-length) with explanations on how to arrive at that answer, available online and in the book as well. This format allows users to create a personal study guide with over 1,000 questions.

There are also review sections for the short answers relative to science and reading language arts and the advanced extended responses strategies.


  • The subject reviews are detailed
  • The practice exams help test takers to identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Users can develop a personal study plan
  • Expert knowledge on the exam with proven strategies


  • You will find a few typos in the answers section of the book

2. McGraw-Hill Education Pre-GED, Third Edition

Best For: Introductory Studying

If you haven’t attended school for some time, it might be daunting to think about studying and becoming a student again. This book by McGraw-Hill is excellent for those that want to ease back into the process while also receiving quality prep information and materials. The Pre-GED book covers the basics and serves as a stepping stone as you begin studying for the GED.

You’ll learn the core concepts with this book that will help you with essential knowledge such as basic math and grammar rules. It does an excellent job of separating challenging concepts into smaller lessons that are more digestible.

Taking in the necessary information in microdoses slowly melts away the fear associated with taking tests after being removed from a school setting for some time. There’s even an app that goes with the book so you can study when you’re out and about.

The best part about this book, besides the innovative app, is that you get a list dedicated to the primary skills you’ll need to pick up for every subject to ensure that you pass the GED.
Work your way down the checklist to make sure you’re reaching the milestones promptly.


  • The chapters are organized well with a natural flow of information
  • The book gives tips on how to avoid common mistakes
  • The practice exam questions are very similar to the actual GED test


  • The subject reviews are not as in-depth as you would like

3. Master the GED Test 2020 by Petersen’s

Best For: People who want to do targeted studying

In situations where time is of the essence, you must make every moment dedicated to studying count. One of the best methods to implement to achieve this goal is targeted learning. This is where you focus all of your efforts on topics you need to practice most.

This GED study book made our list because of the litany of practice and diagnostic tests that it has for you. The diagnostic tests are essential because they help you determine what area of the GED you should emphasize when studying. The practice allows you to strengthen your weakest subjects through trial and error.

What’s more, this GED book has an entire section devoted to test-taking strategies. We understand that how you approach your test is just as important as being knowledgeable about the test material itself. Just simply learning test-taking techniques such as the process of elimination and time management can help you to improve your test score significantly.


  • Diagnostic test included
  • Has a thorough concept review


  • The answer key has multiple mistakes

4. 5 Practice Exams for the GED Test by The Princeton Review

Best For: Individuals who want extra practice.

This book consists of 5 full-length GED practice exams. Most of the other GED practice books featured on this list include at least one practice exam as part of the guide. This book, in particular, focuses solely on practice tests.

This book distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition because it has an additional section that teaches how to solve the answers. Therefore, if you happen to get a wrong answer, there’s a guided tutorial in the book explaining common mistakes and how to fix them.

This book is excellent if your goal is to pass the exam with flying colors and earn your GED. These five exams will supply you with the confidence that you need to improve scores in each of the four GED test subjects: Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Reasoning Through Language Arts.

You are sure to get the practice needed to succeed on your GED Test, thanks to the 830 included practice questions that cover every scenario you’ll see on the exam. This book gives test takers the tools needed to master basic test-taking skills.


  • Provides detailed answers to 830 practice test questions
  • Replete with five complete practice tests.


  • Has a few editing errors in the prep book
  • The tests are briefer than the actual exam
  • Some topics exceed the needs of the GED test

5. How to Prepare for the GED Test, 2nd Edition (Barron’s AP) 2nd Edition

Honorable Mention

Each section within this book focuses on essential material needed to tackle the variety of questions you’ll encounter on the test. Moreover, the book even gives you the various ways in which questions will show up on the exam, such as fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, drag and drop, drop-down, short answer, hot spot, and extended response questions.

This test book outlines everything you need to do to be successful on test day, and it provides in-depth reviews of all the primary content. There’s a logical progression in the material that allows test takers to build on their test-taking skills as they progress through the book.

There are four major review sections, and each of them features a pretest that allows readers to assess their strengths and weaknesses. This is followed up with a thorough lesson concerning all the topics that need to be learned for that section. The book has formula pages and vocabulary terms appropriately placed throughout the book. Each major review section ends with a review test for additional practice.

At the book’s conclusion, two full-length practice exams cover various GED question types, including convenient explanations for each question. You can buy this book alone or with a CD-ROM, which has two extra full-length practice tests that test-takers can simulate actual test conditions via computer.


  • Contains explanations for the answers
  • Has comprehensive review material


  • Several questions do not resemble actual exam questions

Who Is the GED Exam For?

The GED exam is designed for individuals who were unable, for whatever reason, to finish their high school education.

GEDs afford individuals who earn them the opportunity to further their education by going to college or university because a GED certificate is equivalent to a high school diploma.

Furthermore, employers will accept a GED certificate with a high school diploma.

Interestingly, the GED test is modular, meaning that you take one of the four GED sub-tests at a given time and pay for that specific test alone. For proper preparation, it’s a good idea to enroll in a GED prep class.

Is a GED Prep Book Helpful?

The GED test is direct and does not generally ask questions intended to confuse you. There is typically a direct correlation between how often someone studies and how well they perform on the test. More studying usually equals a higher test score. The GED prep books available can help you get a better score than you would get without it.

You can find free resources online, but paying for a book will usually serve to motivate you to use it because you paid for it. If you’re aware of the areas that challenge you the most, it can help you pick the best book for your situation. Most books hone in on a particular section of the test.

Final Thoughts

Though all of the materials we listed are high-quality and will help you to pass the GED, Kaplan stands out above the rest because of its reputation as a reliable study guide and the wealth of information that it contains. With the right amount of dedication and trustworthy resources, you’ll be on your way to your GED in no time.

Tips for Studying:

  • Be sure to listen to the instructions given before the test.
  • Read every question and follow all directions on the test.
  • Read every possible answer carefully.
  • Choose the best solution based on the material at hand.
  • Answer every question.
  • Don’t be afraid to rely on your instincts.
  • Trust your instinct.
  • Only change your answer if you’re sure that it’s incorrect.
  • Answer the more straightforward questions first.

Good Luck!

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