5 Best CNA Test Prep Books (2022)

The Best Books to Prepare for the CNA Exam

In part, becoming a nursing assistant is a difficult task because of the daunting nature of the CNA examination. Most aspiring CNAs need to prepare with the help of a textbook that teaches them the ins and outs of the certification exam.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our choices for the best CNA prep books so that you’ll know which books will leave you prepared for the exam and which will leave you scratching your head when you need certainty the most.

Top 5 Best CNA Prep Books

1. Trivium Nursing Assistant Exam Prep CNA Study Guide

With the Trivium prep book, you’ll get the resources you need to address the questions that you’ll find on the CNA test with no additional frills or distractions.

Publisher: Trivium Test Prep

Year: 2020

Pages: 98

ExamCave Grade: A

In Trivium’s book, you’ll find a section for each of the fundamental units on the CNA test. You’ll also find a 20-page long quiz section where you can test your knowledge in a setting that is similar to what you’ll see on the test.

Like many CNA test prep books, Trivium’s book is best used as a tool for teaching yourself the test rather than teaching yourself the principles and background necessary to be an effective CNA.

In other words, if you didn’t pay attention to your CNA classes, you’re going to have a hard time understanding what the book is talking about. On the other hand, if you need to polish your understanding and craft your information to the questions on the test, this book is among the best.


  • Covers all the CNA prep bases
  • Distraction-free layout and aesthetics
  • Doesn’t confuse you with information that isn’t on the test


  • Not effective at building base knowledge

2. Test Prep Books CNA Study Guide 2022-2023

This CNA prep book is comprehensive, and it has a handful of useful meta-tools that will help you to create a study plan to attack the CNA test.

Publisher: Test Prep Books

Year: 2021

Pages: 160

ExamCave Grade: A-

Test Prep Books’ CNA Study Guide is an effective option for people who feel overwhelmed by the amount of material they need to learn on the CNA test. At each step of the way, the book gives the reader an outline of what concepts they need to master, how the book will help them to learn the information, and how the lesson fits into the larger picture.

This means that simply buying the book is a large step forward in your test prep process. You’ll still need to organize outside resources to round out your test prep protocol, but the book is self-enclosed and does an excellent job of guiding you through the material.

If you get lost while learning, this book will identify your problem quickly and then help you to address it.


  • Guides you through the studying process as well as the test-taking process
  • Great collection of chapter quiz questions and comprehensive answers
  • Approachable and sometimes humorous text


  • No long-form practice question section at the end of the book

3. Newstone CNA Test Prep Team’s CNA Study Guide

Newstone’s CNA Test Study Guide is the right choice for people who want to learn by taking practice tests rather than by reading review sections.

Publisher: Newstone

Year: 2020

Pages: 215

ExamCave Grade: B+

With the Newstone prep book, you should understand that you are getting a collection of practice tests rather than a comprehensive guide book. If you prefer to read through lessons and then take quizzes to assess where your weaknesses are, this isn’t the book for you.

Instead, consider the Newstone prep book as a series of practice tests to find holes in the studying that you did with the help of other materials. If you need to brush up on your fundamentals, you’ll need to recruit outside sources of information before this book is useful for you.

At the same time, Newstone’s collection of prep tests are unparalleled in their quality and depth.


  • Includes four different practice tests and answer sets
  • Explains qualification procedures in depth
  • Provides test-taking strategies


  • Doesn’t include much tutelage outside of quiz questions and practice tests

4. Mometrix CNA Study Guide

If you need a well-rounded study guide that has a bit of everything, the Mometrix CNA Study Guide might be right up your alley.

Publisher: Mometrix

Year: 2021

Pages: 123

ExamCave Grade: B

The Mometrix guide is remarkable because it leaves no issue uncovered. You’ll get test-taking strategies, tips for overcoming test anxiety, study tips, lessons, short quizzes, and a practice test at the end of the book.

If you feel that your level of background information is strong, but you want to purchase one comprehensive book for test prep, this book might be the right choice for you.

This means that the Mometrix book is great for studying in groups where people can help each other with difficult areas.

There’s no area that the book delves into deeply, however, so if you need focused support on a particular area of your knowledge, you may need to get outside help.


  • Includes a section on how to overcome test anxiety
  • A well-rounded collection of lessons and resources
  • Includes motivational content


  • Doesn’t delve deep into any specific competency

5. CNA Exam Secrets Test Prep Team’s Practice Tests And Review

This collection of practice tests and answer keys is on the older side, but it’s an effective tool when it comes to testing your basic knowledge and identifying your preparation shortcomings.

Publisher: Mometrix

Year: 2013

Pages: 52

ExamCave Grade: B-

This book has a handful of different practice tests and solutions sets which you can use to troubleshoot your study efforts. All of the questions are arranged exactly as you’ll see on the test, and you can time yourself if you want an authentic test-taking experience.

The only issue with this book is that it’s on the older side. The fundamental concepts haven’t changed much over the years, but you may find that certain styles of questions are less common in newer tests than this book might lead you to believe.

In summary, this book won’t lead you astray, but it shouldn’t be your only test prep resource.


  • Highly focused resource
  • Includes tips on how to identify vulnerable patients
  • Easy to dive into


  • May be outdated


What Features Should I Look For In A CNA Test Prep Book?

In general, you should look for the following things in a CNA test prep book:

  • Comprehensiveness
  • Lesson quality
  • Quiz questions
  • Practice tests
  • Solution explanations

The most important feature is comprehensiveness. A test prep book that does not cover all of the material that is going to be on the test is not a test prep book, which will leave you well-prepared.

The presence and quality of the lessons in the book are also important. Some books cover topics briefly and expect you to understand the deeper picture as a result of your other studies. In contrast, some books take a deeper approach in which the fundamental concepts are explained in depth. The choice depends on your learning style.

Quiz questions and practice tests are critical components because otherwise, you can’t assess how your preparation is proceeding, as are the explanations of the correct answers.

Which CNA Prep Book Is Best For Studying In Groups?

There isn’t any single prep book which is best for studying in groups. However, many people find that doing practice tests or quiz questions in a group is a good way to learn because it helps to explain the thought processes that other people have about the material.

In this vein, any prep book with a handful of test questions and an effective solution manual could be a good option for studying in groups.

Can A CNA Prep Book Be My Only Test Prep Resource?

No, no single CNA test prep book is comprehensive enough to be your only learning resource. You’ll need to incorporate online resources, study materials like flashcards, and whatever else you can think of to be the most prepared.

Thankfully, many CNA test prep books have guides to outside materials, which you may find useful in the course of your studying.

Pay attention to what your book suggests in terms of outside study, and don’t be afraid to pull in anything else you feel helps you to learn the material more effectively.

There’s no penalty for over-studying.

Prepping For Success

That wraps up our guide to the best CNA prep books. Trivium’s CNA Test Prep guide is our top choice, but don’t be afraid to try any of the other guides we endorsed in this article.

Remember to study according to what your book suggests, but understand that your studying can’t end there. No matter which book you pick, be sure to incorporate outside resources wherever you can to improve your understanding of the material.

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