10 Best College Dorm Room Safes for 2022

Living in a communal area where you have to trust others with your belongings and sharing a space with people you barely know can be unnerving. It’s unreasonable to think that you can keep track of everyone who has access to an unsecured space such as a dorm room.

Whether you’re a concerned parent sending your child off to college or a college student, investing in a security safe can prove wise. All that’s left is to choose which is the best safe for you and your situation.

The Top 10 Dorm Room Safes Ranked

The truth is that there are tons of lock safes on the market; however, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best. Continue reading to discover which of these dorm vaults is best for you.

1. AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe

Amazon created an ideal safe that demonstrated their awareness of what a college student needs. For starters, it’s budget-friendly while having a quality build, as well. The safe can withstand all kinds of forced entry. Moreover, the safe is just the right size to be situated appropriately within the confines of a dorm.

Not everything you choose to place inside your safe will be inherently durable. You’ll most likely have fragile and delicate items, and for this reason, Amazon has outfitted it with carpet. A safe without a mat means that you’ll have to be particularly careful about how you move and maneuver your safe. The carpet gives you a nearly damage-free place to store your items.

The setup of the safe is sufficient, as well. You’ve seen the locked safe, but that can be picked up simply and taken away. Such a safe sort of defeats the purpose, right? You can easily mount an AmazonBasics steel safe on a wall, and it comes with four bolts, as well. You can attach your safe to a shelf or wall within no time. A wayward thief will have a tough time taking such a safe away.

The AmazonBasics steel safe is a formidable security device with a powerful two-live-door bolt system. It makes it virtually impossible to pry open without extraordinary measures.


  • Has a mounting system for shelves and walls
  • Resistant to being pried open
  • Electric lock is secure and fortified
  • The interior of the safe has carpeting
  • Equipped with two override keys to unlock it faster


  • Not fireproof or waterproof

2. SentrySafe SFW123GDC

The SentrySafe is the next step up regarding security and fortification. Perhaps you have a lot of things to protect; this safe is much bigger and has a much higher resistance to damage. For example, the SentrySafe can withstand fire with a temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour while still protecting every item inside.

What’s more, this fortified safe is waterproof, meaning that it can handle being entirely submerged in the water while keeping all of its contents dry. So, what you have on your hands is a safe that can handle both a flood and a fire while keeping your precious safe and secure. This safe can even stand up to the force and magnitude of an earthquake and remain intact.

As with most top-of-the-line safes, it has an electronic lock, designed to open only if you enter the correct passcode. Moreover, there’s a key that you can use to expedite this process.

If someone can breach the first door, there’s a second door within the safe where you can put your most prized possessions. Inside, there are holders and shelves to keep your valuables organized. This safe is stellar across the board.


  • Fire and waterproof
  • Very powerful build
  • Interior has a unique design to keep valuables organized
  • A fortified lock keeps your belongings safe


  • Electric lock takes a bit too much time to access

3. Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe

Although big safes can be excellent and fulfill their purpose, some of us only need a small safe to keep our valuables safe. Such a safe can keep items such as cameras, watches, phones, etc., safe. The Master Lock 5900D is the ideal safe for anyone looking to keep their smaller accessories safe and secure.

The fact that the safe is smaller doesn’t mean that the materials used to fortify its defenses are less impressive. Moreover, the safe is reinforced with shock-absorbent foam to ensure that your sensitive items are insulated against a fall when you drop the safe.

The safe is designed for travel as there’s even an outlet that allows you to keep your phone or musical device plugged in as long as it remains inside of the safe, allowing you to listen to music.

This safe is budget-friendly and easy to carry. This safe will go a long way in deterring would-be thieves from stealing items such as your phone.


  • Ideal for securing smaller items
  • Small, compact, and easy to store
  • Cable access ports enable you to use the device as it’s in the safe
  • Water resistance, meaning that it can keep your items from getting completely wet


  • Much easier to break open than the larger models

4. KYODOLED Book Safe with Key Lock

Typically thieves are motivated by money and valuables; books are the last things on their minds. The likelihood of a thief going near a thick dictionary is slim. For this reason, storing your valuables inside an unsuspecting dictionary is actually a clever idea. The KYODOLED Book Safe seamlessly takes on the form of a dictionary to hide from potential threats.

Because you’re a student, you’ll have plenty of books to camouflage your safety among them. In this way, you don’t have to worry about bolting your safe to a wall or anything.

Although it resembles a book, the safe is as strong as steel and can handle all kinds of trauma and damage. It’s not as fortified as the larger models; however, it masterfully uses deception to secure your items with a defense mechanism acting as a backup plan.

This seven-inch safe can only fit in smaller items such as money and your phone and other small items similar in size to these. The key makes it easy to open, but thieves will have difficulty trying to pry it open.


  • It doesn’t need to be mounted
  • Ideal for protecting smaller items
  • Thieves are likely to overlook the safe
  • Very easy to open with a key and very difficult to do so without
  • Camouflage is used expertly


  • It can be quickly taken apart if a thief sees through the deception

5. RPNB Deluxe Safe

Students can get the complete protection of a medium-sized safe with built-in shelves for a slightly higher price tag. The RPNB Deluxe Safe also comes with two locking bolts that prevent break-ins. Additionally, the solid steel structure ensures that this safe isn’t inst and prone to cracking or breaking if dropped.

It has mount holes and a frame that lets you put it up on the wall in a closet, or you can tuck it away on the floor since you may not be allowed to mount it in a form room. The company assures your satisfaction, so the safe comes with a one-year warranty.

You can open it multiple ways, by turning the knob after entering your digital pen or turning the knob while you unlock it with a key. You’ll need four AA batteries, which come in the package. You can store everything from documents to certain electronics, money, weapons, and more in this safe, and it is fireproof and waterproof.


  • Made of double-reinforced steel
  • It has shelves
  • It comes with keys as well as a digital panel to unlock it
  • Easy to use
  • It can get mounted into a wall
  • Fireproof and waterproof


  • Costlier than other safes on the list
  • It can be too big for those with limited space

6. Vaultz Locking Storage Chest

This dorm safe is more like a vault box with cables. It looks more like an old security deposit box, but when you open it up, it contains a lot of space for you to store your valuables.

This box doesn’t have shelves like some other choices on the list, but you have ample space to put the essential items that you can tuck away in your room. It’s nearly six inches tall and close to 18 inches wide. It contains over one foot of depth inside.

You can also use this as a small luggage container when you travel. This vault box is perfect for your new laptop, your phone, expensive school materials, and so on. Reviews have shown that this is an excellent option.

There is also a mesh container inside the box that adds another option for space to put away from your possessions. This safe also has a rope that lets you lock the box away to prevent it from being taken and to keep it hidden.


  • Mesh netting inside for extra storage space
  • It can double as a small luggage tote
  • Low-key design that is easy to hide
  • Perfect safe for a laptop or other valuable electronics
  • Spacious interior
  • Tether cable to make the safe immovable


  • Not the same quality durability as some other options on the list

7. Viking Security Safe

The standard safe is sufficient for keeping your things locked away from intruders, but the Viking Security Safe uses advanced technology to make it even more secure. An override key is beneficial, but someone can steal that.

Your biometric fingerprint, however, cannot. It will take you seconds to unlock the safe using your unique fingerprint. This safe stores up to 32 different fingerprints (for friends and family who may want access to the safe) and one pin code.

This safe is highly durable, made of steel, and has a scratch-resistant coating. It can easily withstand drops or other forms of impact. Additionally, it has two pry-resistant insertion holes to prevent thieves from using a crowbar to open it. It also begins beeping when the door is left unlocked for longer than one minute.

This safe isn’t easy to hide, but there’s no need to because of its excellent craftsmanship and security reinforcements. The Viking Security Safe is one of the best security devices available to students, though it is costlier than some other choices.


  • You can store up to 32 fingerprints
  • It beeps if you leave it unlocked for more than one minute
  • It is pry-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use


  • It’s not as budget-friendly as other suitable choices

8. Stalwart Digital Safe Box

The Stalwart Digital Safe Box is a small and portable safe that you can conveniently store in the corner or closet of a dorm room. Moreover, it is highly durable, made from double-reinforced stainless steel, and has a recessed door that makes it difficult to break into. You can leave the room having peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe.

What’s more, you can mount this safe on the wall or bolt it to the floor to make it stationary so that someone cannot just pick it up and take it away.

This is the perfect safe for important documents like your passport, birth certificate, legal documents, and so on. Furthermore, the safe is ideal for storing jewelry, money, weapons, and prescription medications. Remember that it’s small enough to take with you if you’ll be traveling and you have a small amount of space available in your trunk.

The safe is reinforced with an LED keypad that you can program to accept entry codes that are three to eight digits long. There are even two manual override keys that eliminate the possibility of getting locked out of your safe in case of an emergency.

If someone tries to unlock the safe three times unsuccessfully, an alarm will sound for 20 seconds. After three more unsuccessful attempts, the alarm will go off for five minutes, alerting you to an attempted intrusion.


  • Small and portable
  • You can mount it on the wall or floor
  • Comes with two override keys
  • LED keypad
  • Alarm sounds after three incorrect entries


  • Very limited to what can fit because of its size
  • The digital pad may malfunction

9. Club Personal Vault Box

The Club Personal Vault Box is a fantastic safe for small personal items. It’s a wonderful choice for students that want something for possessions such as jewelry, keys, a wallet, and IDs. You won’t be able to fit electronics in, but it is on the smaller side and discreet.

If you want to take it from the dorm room because you’re leaving for the weekend, it fits easily into a backpack or under a vehicle seat. It comes with two keys for your convenience if you lose one. It’s made from durable steel and aluminum, and you can mount it to something in your room, such as a bookshelf.

You may also store it in a drawer for safekeeping. The Club Personal Vault Box is inexpensive and excellent for college students that want something affordable for small belongings. Lastly, it has a carpeted interior that keeps your items from getting scratched up as you move them around.


  • Small and portable, but you can also mount it
  • Made from sturdy aluminum and steel
  • Excellent for small goods like watches, cameras, keys, money, and more
  • It comes with two keys
  • Carpeted interior


  • It doesn’t hold much weight
  • You can break into it with basic tools

10. Honeywell Steel Safe

Honeywell is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality products. This particular model is a bright pink, which may draw more attention than you’d like to a security box, but it is also stylish and well-secured. The hinges are concealed, and the recessed door makes it more challenging for an intruder to break into your safe.

You get a digital panel that you can program with a three to eight digits long pin. This feature also added security so that someone can’t just guess your passcode. In an emergency, you have two override keys that you should keep out of reach from anyone else.

The two steel bolts keep the door from getting pried open. You can mount this safe in the corner of the room or closet on the floor or the wall. It’s not an enormous safe, so it’s unsuitable for laptops, but small items will fit perfectly on the interior carpeted mat.


  • Stylish color
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Two steel bolts
  • Carpeted interior mat
  • It comes with two override keys


  • Might be too bright of a color for those that want a more discreet safe
  • Can’t fit larger valuables


Going to college is an experience that allows us to make new friends and learn valuable life lessons. One lesson you don’t want to realize is that not everyone is trustworthy. Shared spaces are always tricky with others you don’t know personally.

You don’t want anything extra to worry about when you’re new to the college scene. Give yourself peace of mind by getting a dorm room safe to protect your cherished goods.

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