5 Best AP Microeconomics Prep Books (2022)

Best AP Microeconomics Study Books

Scoring a 4 or 5 on a Microeconomics AP test will prove your mastery of the subject and get you college credits. While saving a few dollars in the future on college tuition is terrific, understanding the subject fully will set you up for success in future classes.

The Macroeconomics AP test has both multiple-choice questions and free-response prompts. You will have to master both types to get the highest score. To do this, you need the Best AP Microeconomics Prep Book there is. We have reviewed the books on the market and are confident that the following books will help you succeed. Which one you pick depends on your preferences, budget, and learning style.

The 5 Best AP Microeconomics Prep Books

Choosing the right Microeconomics Prep Book for you depends on your learning style and how you best learn. Some students are visual learners while others need real-life examples and applications to grasp a subject. Others just want flashcards and practice tests to help them hone their knowledge.

Whatever your learning style, one of these best AP Microeconomics Prep Books should help you score a 5 on your test.

1. AP® Microeconomics Crash Course, For the New 2020 Exam, Book + Online: Get a Higher Score in Less Time

This well-organized and condensed prep book gives readers just what they need to get a high score on the Microeconomics AP test without being bogged down by extra information.

Publisher: Research & Education Association

Year: 2020

Pages: 256

Our Final Grade: A

The Research & Education Association specializes in preparing students for all types of exams, from the GRE and AP tests to the LSAT and EMT tests. So, they are professionals in getting the right information across succinctly and clearly.

This Crash Course for the AP exam will do just that. Written by David Mayer, an AP Economics teacher and professional mentor, the content is right on point. Included are actual AP test questions and an easy to follow review structure. This targeted review book is incredible for those who want to get the most studying in they can in a short amount of time.

All the essentials are covered here, from consumer choice theory to production and costs. On top of the strict information, this book also supplies key AP terms to understand and question-level strategies to help you achieve a 5 on the test.


  • Succinct teaching and concept review
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Mini test included in the book


  • No lengthy explanations if you need a deeper understanding of a certain concept

2. Princeton Review AP Economics Micro & Macro Prep, 2022

From the experts at the Princeton Review comes this thorough and easy to use prep book for both the Micro and Macro Economics Exams.

Publisher: The Princeton Review

Year: 2019

Pages: 336

Our Final Grade: A-

The Princeton Review has been helping students and teachers for nearly 40 years to achieve their best. This prep book is no exception. The Princeton Review AP Economics Micro & Macro Prep goes into detail about every topic on the test, from supply and demand to elasticity. With plenty of charts and graphs, this book is especially helpful for visual learners.

Getting a 5 on the Microeconomics AP exam isn’t just about knowledge, though. You also have to be a good test taker. So, this prep book walks you through pacing drills, logical guessing, and helpful tactics to have you making the right choices without overthinking them. In addition to the physical book, you get access to the online study plans to keep you on track and any updates to the 2022 exam.


  • Also includes Macroeconomics study guides
  • Practice Questions with every chapter
  • Includes test-taking strategies


  • Only 1 Microeconomics practice test

3. 5 Steps to a 5: AP Microeconomics 2022

With a myriad of access options, 5 Steps to a 5: AP Microeconomics 2022 gives readers a thorough understanding of every aspect of the subject, from the test format to difficult economic concepts.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Year: 2021

Pages: 256

Our Final Grade: B+

This brand-new study guide covers all the basics when you need them most. Made to directly address everything you need to ace the AP Microeconomics exam, readers won’t be bogged down with extra information.

This prep book contains two practice exams, but you gain access to two more online as well. If you’re on the go, you can study on your cell phone or tablet using their website. You will have access to premade flashcards, helpful games, and hundreds of sample questions and exercises. When you get stuck, thorough yet easy to understand explanations are found throughout this prep book.

The best part of this book is its ability to boost your confidence. With incredible analytics that help you know when you’re ready for the test, your attitude will be optimistic when sitting down day-of. Overall, this book is an excellent all-around resource for getting a 5 on the AP Microeconomics exam.


  • 4 Practice Exams
  • Multi-platform access for studying on the go
  • Includes an overview of the exam format


  • Text-heavy resource

4. Principles of Microeconomics for AP® Courses 2e

This well-balanced Microeconomics Prep book uses current data and examples to help students gain a deeper understanding of the subject in order to ace the AP test.

Publisher: OpenStax

Year: 2018

Pages: 555

Our Final Grade: B

Listed as a recommended textbook by the College Board’s AP exam itself, this is a solid choice to prep. Having pulled data from the Federal Reserve Economic Data, or FRED, readers will absorb the information more fully by understanding how it affects the world today.

The publisher, OpenStax, provides peer-reviewed, open-licensed books for free to help everyone have equal access to quality study tools. Compiled by incredible economists and teachers Steven A Greenlaw and David Shapiro, readers will enjoy photos of real-life economic applications and videos going in-depth into how economics works.

The Kindle edition of this book is free and allows you to use text-to-speech for studying on the go. However, the paperback copy will allow you to have a tangible copy for studying anywhere you go. Regardless of how you access the book, it provides a new and refreshing way of understanding Microeconomics in preparation for the AP exam.


  • Real-life examples and pictures
  • Peer-reviewed
  • 10 Contributing Authors


  • No full practice test

5. AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics with Online Tests (Barron’s Test Prep)

This Microeconomics AP prep book gives quality, in-depth instruction from two Economics Professor and Teachers who have first-hand experience grading the AP Microeconomics AP test.

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

Year: 2021

Pages: 440

Our Final Grade: B-

This detailed textbook delves into a detailed review of all the topics on the Microeconomics AP exam. With terms clearly defined at the end of each chapter and helpful tips along the way, this engaging textbooks will help readers understand economics below the surface. A lengthier book, it can be a bit wordy at times.

All this being said, this book does cover all the necessary basis – and more. It walks readers through the cost of production, understanding competition in the marketplace, how monopolies work, consumer choice, and others. If you plan on going on to take the Macroeconomics AP test, this book will help you through both.


  • Covers both Micro and Macro Economics AP tests
  • Includes online content
  • 2 Microeconomics practice tests (one in the book, one online)


  • Some minor inaccurate information


Taking the AP Microeconomics exam can be a daunting task. There are plenty of ways for students to prepare on top of getting a great prep book. Let’s go over some of the common questions surrounding this exam.

How is the AP Microeconomics Exam structured?

The AP Microeconomics exam takes two hours and ten minutes to complete. It is divided into two sections: multiple choice and free response. The multiple-choice portion will take one hour and ten minutes and has 60 questions. It accounts for 66% of your final score. Questions will ensure your understanding of terms and economic outcomes.

The free-response section will take one hour and accounts for 33% of your score. There are two short response questions and one long response question in this section. You may have to explain economic ideas, perform calculations, create data charts, or show understanding of different models and concepts.

What other resources should I look at when studying for the AP Microeconomics Exam?

The College Board puts out the AP test every year and releases past exams for studying. This can be useful, especially if you choose a prep book without an exam in it. In addition, the Chief Readers Report explains what students struggled with most on the past exams. This gives insight into what concepts may be difficult on the exam.

What is new with the 2022 AP Microeconomics Exam?

This year, the AP Microeconomics exam is once again available to take online. Make sure to brush up on tips on how to take an exam on a computer rather than on a physical paper copy. In addition, this year, four-function calculators will be permitted for use on this exam.


To do well on the AP Microeconomics Exam, you must understand the exam format and study the right information. The right prep book will help you understand concepts you may have difficulty with without going overboard with extra information. Whether you are a visual learner or prefer text, there is a myriad of options on our list to help you get a 5.

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