6 Best AP Human Geography Prep Books (2022)

Best AP Human Geography Study Books

The AP Human Geography Exam consists of free-response and multiple-choice questions based on seven curriculum topics. Students are required to explain and apply main and supporting geographical concepts. You need to explain, define, apply concepts, and interpret data.

The exam takes two hours and 15 minutes. The two sections are further divided into two parts. With the free-response section, you need to interpret and analyze literary texts by creating effective essays, while the multiple-choice section tests your critical reading skills.

You’ll need to read passages and answer questions about the style form, and content of each. If you are about to sit for your exam, you need the right books.

The best AP Human Geography prep book provides the much-needed tips to help you achieve a high score. It also contains a content review for all test topics. What’s more, you get tried and true strategies to help you pass your exam.

Best AP Human Geography Prep Books

Here are some prep books to consider when reading for your AP Human Geography exam.

1. Barron’s AP Human Geography

Additional study aid for the duration of the course

Struggling to get critical information is something most students have to deal with when preparing for exams. Barron’s AP Human Geography book seeks to solve this problem by providing the essential information that you need to know when reading for your exams.

It has concise information and explains concepts without skimping on words. There are practice tests that you can take as much as you want to gauge yourself. Apart from the five full-length practice tests, the book also has diagnostic tests to help you determine where to focus while studying. Its comprehensive review of main course topics also makes your work easier as a student.

As a visual learner, you’ll find this book useful as it has properly organized content on different types of geographical topics like cultural, agricultural, population, rural, economic, urban, and political aspects. The glossary of terms at the end of each chapter makes things easier and helps you retain what you’ve learned.

With this book, you can master how to answer the various questions you’ll come across in the exam by using the stated strategies.

The Barron’s AP Human Geography book is versatile as you can use it as a course supplement or as a last-minute review book.


  • Has compressive material with five full-length tests
  • Ideal for last-minute revision
  • Covers different types of questions you’re likely to find
  • An online practice tests with automatic scoring and answer explanations


  • May be difficult to absorb given the densely packed information

Publisher: Marsh Ph.D., Meredith

Year: 2022

Number of Pages: 368

Final Grade: A+

2. Princeton Review AP Human Geography Prep, 2023

A premium AP Human Geography prep book

Are you looking for test-taking strategies a month or two to your exam? You should consider Cracking the AP Human Geography Exam, 2023 Edition book. The book, which works as a review and prep book comes with a detailed content review that is the same one as the College Board’s outline.

Geographical models are explained in a simple to understand manner. At the end of each chapter is a list of main terms that will be useful for the exam.

You’ll also find helpful test-taking strategies like any book by The Princeton Review. The practice questions and tests are designed to mimic the style and format of the AP Human Geography exam. The best part is that you get answers and explanations to understand what areas you need to improve on before the exam.


  • Excellent explanation of geographic models
  • Has two complete practice tests with the answer explanation
  • Comes with a list of key terms for each content chapter
  • The questions mimic the format and style of real exam question
  • Detailed content review that has everything you need
  • A conversational tone that students can understand
  • Features unique test-taking strategies


  • May be in-depth and too detailed to get through in a few days

Publisher: The Princeton Review

Year: 2022

Number of Pages: 464 pages

Final Grade: A

3. AP Human Geography Prep Plus

A detailed prep book with lots of practice questions

The AP Human Geography Prep Plus by Kaplan Test Prep new edition has been revised to match the changes made in the College board’s outline for the Geography exam. You get all the guidance and practice you need in one all-inclusive book.

The book focuses on key concepts that will help you save time trying to peruse over what content you should read. Each chapter has quizzes that gauge your comprehension and retention skills.

The test-taking strategies and tips are meant for the AP Human Geography exam. You’ll also find customizable study plans that you can use to monitor your goals throughout the process. Find three full-length practice exams that resemble the actual exams. The only downside is that it lacks in-depth content, which makes it not the best option for readers looking for more detailed and comprehensive content.


  • Has updated content
  • It’s a balanced review book with bits of everything you need
  • Comes with three full-length practice tests and an online tool to convert your score
  • Extra online quizzes for practice


  • Some users found the practice questions not as challenging

Publisher: Kaplan Test Prep

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 492

Final Grade: A-

4. AP Human Geography Crash Course by Christian Sawyer

Best short-term review book

If you are looking for a quick prep book in the weeks before the test, you should check out the AP Human Geography Crash Course by Christian Sawyer. It’s the perfect book if you need to study for an exam in a short period of time.

The easy to read content comes with quick strategies and tips that help you answer your questions like an expert. You get various types of questions in the form of free-response and multiple-choice. The book provides further resources by adding an online practice exam. It’s an affordable book that gives you value for money.


  • A crash course that delivers useful content when short on time
  • Covers the content in a compressive and quick manner


  • You may need to use other books as this is not as detailed

Publisher: Dr. Chrstian Sawyer

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 304 pages

Final Grade: B+

5. 5 Steps to a 5: AP Human Geography 2022 Edition

Easy to follow, multi-platform Prep Book

The 5 Steps to a 5: AP Human Geography 2022 Edition is a revised prep book that has easy-to-follow content. You can access this prep guide online, in mobile format, and in print. This book aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need when taking the exams.

You get multiple practice exercises with sample responses and thorough answer explanations. The guide also shows you how to master the multiple-choice questions and get a high score on this exam.

The best part is that this guide shows the latest course syllabus and comes with four full-length practice exams. Students also get access to the entire cross-platform prep course and powerful analytics to assess your readiness. The online option also comes with games, flashcards, and more.


  • Contains a set of review questions at each chapter
  • Comes with three study plans that you can choose from your learning style and schedule
  • Has four full practice exams and a diagnostic test


  • Not as detailed when it comes to test-taking tips
  • The content review is not as thorough as other books

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Year: 2021

Number of pages: 260 pages

Final Grade: B+

6. AMSCO Advanced Placement Human Geography

Hones free-response abilities and supports the exam and course

The AMSCO Advanced Placement Human Geography book is an excellent prep and review book as it has all the details you need to know about Human Geography Course. David Palmer, the author structures this book in a way that reflects the AP Human Geography curriculum. That helps you follow the concepts indicated easily.

You also get assessments at the end of each chapter. There are primary terms that help you recall all the essential details you’ve read. The questions are challenging like the ones in the exam, but the impressive aspect is that you get free-response, multiple-choice, or source-based questions.

One fantastic aspect of the Advanced Placement Human Geography exam is that you not only get contextual knowledge of AP Human Geography, but you also get essential writing skills needed to exam the exam.

The full-length practice exam matches the College Board’s curriculum and mimics a similar style and format like the actual exam. On the downside, the book is a bit pricey, but this could be attributed to the in-depth course content that also helps with the curriculum apart from preparing students for the exam.


  • Has writing skills activities that help you improve on answering free-response questions
  • It’s versatile as you can use it for the AP exam and AP course


  • It takes time to read and may not be ideal for someone looking for a quick prep book

Publisher: Perfection Learning

Year: 2019

Number of Pages: 250

Final Grade: B

FAQ Section

Q: What are some AP Human Geography Multiple-Choice Study Tips

A: For you to ace the Human Geography exam, you need to understand the different types of multiple questions, take lots of practice tests, focus on particular themes, and don’t forget to pay attention to commands and keywords.

Q: Is the AP Human Geography Exam Difficult?

A: Although the test can be daunting due to the content you need to study, with enough practice and studying, you’ll realize that it’s not as difficult.

Q: Should I Take the AP Human Geography Course?

A: AP Human Geography is one of the easiest AP courses that doesn’t have demanding coursework. It’s also an excellent way to move to a higher-level curriculum as a freshman.

Q: How Long Does the AP Human Geography Exam Take?

A: The AP Human Geography test takes two hours and 15 minutes. Students get a free-response and multiple-choice sections.

Q: What is a 5 on the AP Human Geography Test?

A: A score of 5 shows that you are extremely well qualified. A 3 and 4 on an AP exam falls under the passing score. Most universities provide college credit for an AP exam passing score.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best AP Human Geography Prep Book doesn’t have to be daunting. Our list above has some of the best prep books that you can use alongside your review book and course textbook. These books offer extensive practice questions and answers that you can use to gauge your knowledge.

Remember that the AP Human Geography exam consists of free-response and multiple-choice sections. That means you need to have the right balance when studying these types of questions.

Picking one of these books will help you ace your test-answering skills and give you a comprehensive content review within a short time.

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