5 Best ACCUPLACER Prep Books (2022)

Best Accuplacer Prep Books

You’ve finished the SAT, ACT and are admitted to college. As soon as you think you’ve completed testing, you find out there is a placement. The ACCUPLACER test is an assessment that many universities use to determine reading, writing, and math skills.

The ACCUPLACER was developed by College Board, the same people that brought you the ACT.

The multiple-choice test is not timed and is computer-adaptive. Meaning you can’t pass or fail, but as you get questions right, the more difficult the test becomes.

Although you can’t pass or fail, it’s best to be prepared. The purpose of the test is to place you in college courses. If you don’t do well on the test, you can find yourself taking courses that won’t count toward your college credits.

Best ACCUPLACER Study Guides

The ACCUPLACER study guides on the following list are the best and most updated books around to help you prepare and practice for your upcoming exam.

1. Accuplacer Study Guide 2021-2022: ACCUPLACER Test Prep and Practice Exam Book

This is the quick version of a comprehensive review.

Publisher: Miller Test Prep

Year: 2021

Number of Pages: 160

Our Final Grade: A-

Not everyone wants to know everything about the test. You may want to get straight to the source of it.

If you’re the type of student who likes a straight forward study guide, this is for you. The book was designed by tutors who focus on giving you key information to get the job done. You won’t get a lot of fluff with this book, but you will get a comprehensive guide.

Although the book isn’t overly detailed, it covers all exam sections. You’ll like this study guide if you feel you need to work on the essay portion of the test. It comes with six essay examples with explanations of how the test is scored. This is great to consider if the Write Essay portion of the test worries you.

Concept examples are step-by-step, so you get a sense of how you get to the answer. The quick guide shows you how to use problem-solving to find the answers to multiple questions. However, it doesn’t overdo it with too many different variations of the same example.

Using concise information doesn’t leave you with the overwhelming feeling of trying to fit all the information into your brain. If you don’t have a lot of time to study then, this is the focused guide for you. You get in and get out with only the information you need.

If you find you need more information, you can supplement the text with free flashcards or other reading material from your college or university.


  • The book includes six complete essay examples and scores
  • Concept examples are step-by-step
  • Concise information


  • Compared to the other materials on this list, it’s dated
  • Doesn’t have a full practice test

2. Accuplacer Study Guide: Spire Study System & Accuplacer Test Prep Guide with Practice Test Review Questions

This book is brand new for 2020 and based on the Cognitive Recall method of study.

Publisher: Spire Study System

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 173

Our Final Grade: A+

Spire likes to focus beyond just giving you great study materials. Since their introduction, they have always been about finding a better way for you to study. They hope to be more than just a book, but a genuine guide.

With over 300+ practice test questions, you will not have to worry about examples with this study guide. The plan is customizable, so you can get through multiple topics and then take the practice tests.

It includes a personalized plan that you can design to fit your schedule. You can find the best way to study for the test and adjust when needed. The plan keeps you focused, so you don’t find yourself cramming and losing the information you already have.

The 30-day system takes a lot of time to plan out. This guide is not for you if you are looking for last-minute prep or if you feel like you need a refresher on what you’ve learned back in high school. It won’t be easy to use this material for cramming.

This guide also has two full practice tests that you will incorporate into your system to take when you are ready. Any time a full practice test is included is a win. It gives you the true feel of what it’s like time-wise to complete the test.

Not only will this prepare you for the ACCUPLACER test, but it will also prepare you for studying throughout your college career. The cognitive recall method is a scientifically proven way to study that can be applied to all your future study sessions.

If you are looking for a guide that will help you review everything, then this is your book. It covers all topics and has review items. All of the information can be overwhelming, so it’s important to stick to the plan you create for yourself. If you’re not a planner, try another guide.


  • Personalized plan you can customize to your schedule.
  • Full practice test is included
  • It covers all topics of the exam so you won’t feel like one section is lacking in information


  • The 30-day system takes a lot of time to plan out
  • All of the information can be overwhelming, so it’s important to stick to the plan you create for yourself.

3. ACCUPLACER Study Guide 2020-2021 ACCUPLACER Test Prep Secrets

This book is not only a study guide; it also includes test prep secrets and video tutorials.

Publisher: Mometrix Media LLC

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 153

Our Final Grade: A

Since the company started in 2002, Mometrix has created the largest collection of education materials you can find. When it comes to the ACCUPLACER, their goal is to help you remember concepts you may have forgotten in high school.

We love this guide because it’s a full review for anyone that wants to cover it all. Mometrix also has study materialsonline to get you started. The online review will let you know your strengths and weaknesses before you decide what topics need the most attention. It helps you make a decision about how to tackle your study guide.

If you are looking for more than a list of questions and answers, then this is the guide for you. This study guide includes secrets, tips, and strategies to help you do well on the exam. The option for video tutorials outdoes other study guides in terms of a modern way to study.

This guide is more than comprehensive; it’s a complete review of every section on the test. It includes concepts and procedures to give you a strategy of how to take your testing to the next level.

Though the guide covers a lot of information, it has a flow that is easy to follow. The videos and answer explanations provide options for detailed learning that fits your style. Use this guide if you’re ready for step-by-step instructions straight from instructors.


  • Complete review of all test sections
  • Added sections that cover more elementary algebra and college-level math
  • Includes video tutorials
  • Tips and strategies help you learn the best way to take the test


  • No full practice test
  • No ebook version

4. Accuplacer Study Guide 2020 and 2021

The guide to help you get all the information you can about the test itself so that you can come up with a great testing strategy.

Publisher: Test Prep Books

Year: 2020

Number of Pages: 340

Our Final Grade: B

If you want information like how much time you have for each section, this is the guide for you. A full breakdown of what’s on the exam gives you a go-to on how to prepare to take the actual test. The person who doesn’t like surprises will love this study guide. After reading this book, you’ll know what you are getting yourself into.

It’s the most updated guide on the list and covers everything, including the written essay. The essay exam and sentence skills test is a great way to prepare if you need more focus on the written portion. While this gives you ample practice for the written portion of the test, it may not be what you are looking for if you want to focus on the math sections.

The creator of this book promises that you can interact with a real person if you have concerns with the product, so it may be worth the risk to see if this guide will work for you.

Like most guides, it also has practice questions with detailed answers. But it also includes test-taking strategies that will prepare you for the exam beyond the test questions.The information you get about the test can be distracting, don’t get so strategic that you forget to study.


  • Include essay exam and sentence skills test
  • A full breakdown of what’s on the exam


  • Less focus on the math sections of the test
  • The information you get about the test can be distracting

5. The ACCUPLACER Tutor by Apex Test Prep

Best for last-minute prep if you need help learning how to make educated guesses.

Publisher: Apex Test Prep

Year: 2021

Number of Pages: 255

Our Final Grade: B+

Think of this book as your tutor. It’s designed to get you through the test by supplementing the information you already know. If you are getting closer to exam time and don’t need a hard study system to follow, then this is the guide for you. It gets you straight to the answers you need and focuses on the test itself.

As with most of the other books on this list, you will get an answer key with detailed explanations. You will know why the answer is right or wrong on your practice test.

However, if you need help with more than test questions, then this guide may help. It has a section on test-taking tips that can help you with any test anxiety you may be having.

The interesting piece of this guide is the information to help you figure out how to make educated guesses. Remember, the ACCUPLACER is computer comprehensive; the better you do, the harder the test gets. If you’re able to make educated guesses, you will help with your placement in your future classes.


  • It has detailed test-taking tips, including how to make educated guesses
  • An easy study guide to follow
  • If you’re running low on time, it’s a quicker way to prepare


  • Not a detailed, fully comprehensive study guide with practice tests


You will find the answers to some of the most asked questions about ACCUPLACER guides. These will help you find answers to help with your decision when choosing a book.

What should I study for the placement test?

The test consists of 5 sections and an essay. One section includes different types of math: Reading; Writing; Arithmetic; Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics (QAS); Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) and the WritePlacer Essay.

Most schools have resources and will allow you to check out a practice test. The best thing to do is to get an overview of each section and practice a few exams.

Do you need a calculator for the ACCUPLACER test?

For this test, you won’t need to bring anything with you. Even the calculator is built into the computer-generated test.

How long does the ACCUPLACER test take?

The test is not timed, and it takes most people 90 minutes to complete. Every answer must be answered, and you only get one chance to answer, so take your time.

Is it hard to pass the ACCUPLACER?

It’s best not to think of the test as hard to pass, but as a point range system.

The test does get harder as you continue to answer questions correctly so that it can assess your level. However, the test is not timed, and you can’t pass or fail. You will be placed in a different class based on how well you do.

What is the highest ACCUPLACER score?

Next-Generation math, reading, and writing are scored between 200 and 300. It’s recommended you try for a score of 263 or higher.

The Accuplacer test is a placement test so you can think of scores a little differently. The scores are broken up into ranges with each “score band,” placing you in a different skill category. If you score low, then you will have to take remedial courses that will prep you for college, and you won’t receive college credit.

Final Thoughts on Passing Your ACCUPLACER

You may not have considered studying for the ACCUPLACER exam right away, but it would be beneficial. Although you cannot technically fail, you don’t want to be placed in a class where you won’t receive college credit.

Though it may seem like the pressure is on for you to do well on this test, you don’t have to worry. Resources are available that cover everything you need to know about the exam.

Whether you want a strategy for taking the test or help with the test questions, the books on this list will suit your needs. Detailed instructions online or full practice tests will prepare you for what you need to get the best score possible and get you started on your college journey.

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